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Phil Dixon
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The Garden of Earthly Delights
Performed by The Ligeti Quartet
For Cello and Piano, 2017
Brian Mullen - Cello, Claire Alsop - Piano
Winning Music and runner-up entries for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Composition Competition (2011)
It Came From The Gloom
Winner - Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 2011
Runner Up - Wildlife Photographer of the year, 2011
Fire on the Pantanel
Runner Up - Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 2011
Various Music for Film and Live performances
Treasures of Ancient Egypt - BBC

Yellowstone - BBC NH

The Rendelsham UFO Incident


(for Tape and mixed Woodwind ensemble and solo Bass Clarinet)

CBBC - Deadly 60 Titles
(co-written with Tony Briscoe)

The Show, from a poem by Wilfred Owen.
Video taken at Bristol Museum.
Composed for and performed by Gurt Lush Choir
The Show (audio)
Avona and the Giants Vincent and Goram Oratorio
Composed and Conducted by Phil Dixon.
Performed by the Futura Learning Partnership. Bath Forum. 13th September 2022.

Winner Royal Musical Association Composition Competition.
Performed by The Bristol Ensemble, Victoria Rooms, Bristol.

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