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Phil Dixon
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A Musical based on the life of famous London thief and Gaol-breaker Jack Sheppard in 1724

For the past 5 years I've been writing my first full-blown Musical!

Please find below lots of information regarding the show, including a Synopsis, the Libretto and snippets of audio (coming soon).

What's it all about?:

Jack was a carpenter's apprentice when he first took to thieving in 1724. He refused to work for London gangster Jonathon Wild (known as The Thief-Taker General) and as such was arrested. In fact he was arrested 5 separate times because he kept escaping! But Jack's trouble was that every time he escaped, he couldn't resist hitting the London pubs and consequently would just be re-arrested!
He was the first ever 'celebrity' - his name selling thousands of newspapers to eager Londoners who wanted to learn about his latest escape.

Jack Sheppard. Thief and Gaol-breaker
'Edgeworth' Bess. Jack's mistress and prostitue.
Jonathon Wild, Thief-Taker General. London gangster, Jack's nemesis.
Bill 'Hell and Fury' Sykes. Wild's main muscle.
'Blueskin' Blake. Jack's partner-in-crime.
Poll and Rose: Bess' prostitute friends.
Haynes: Landlord of The Black Lion pub on Drury Lane; Jack's favourite haunt!

Various other characters including Prison Guard, Newspaper Reporters, a Preacher, 2 Posh Ladies and 2 Posh Gentlemen, a Street Drinks Vendor, a Doctor and various Wild's Thugs.

The show is completely sung-through. There are moments of spoken dialogue, but the Music doesn't stop for both acts, totalling c.130 minutes.

I'm currently orchestrating the Music for:

3 Keyboards
Flute / Alto Flute
Clarinet / Bass Clarinet
2 Trumpets
Drums and percussion
Double Bass

It's proving to be a long (but enjoyable) process. Audio coming soon - please do let me know what you think!
Audio clips:
(Coming soon)
In 2003, Channel 4 made an excellent drama-documentary about Jack, which is available on YouTube:
Jack - Libretto
(Coming Soon)

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