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Composition Tutorship

Composition tutorials can be tailored to suit you, depending on background, theoretical knowledge and needs.

GCSE (OCR) and A-Level (Edexcel) Music Students can also benefit from qualified tutorship


  • Developing rhythm and melody
  • Phrasing
  • Using and understanding primary and secondary harmony
  • Basic form
  • Introduction to counterpoint
  • Instrumental study and basic orchestration
  • Composing for piano
  • Song writing
  • Simple and compound time
  • Score writing using Sibelius
  • Analysis
  • Historical awareness


  • Advanced harmony, inversions and extensions
  • Modulation
  • More complex form
  • Writing for four parts; string quartet and SATB
  • Irrational rhythm and syncopation
  • Modal melody and harmony
  • Advanced instrumental study and extended techniques
  • Analysis
  • Historical awareness


  • Chromatic melody and harmony
  • Chord substitution
  • Advanced rhythmic techniques, cross-rhythms, poly-rhythms, complex irrationalities
  • Writing for large instrumental ensemble
  • Polyphony and polytonality
  • Fugue
  • Scoring and part writing using Sibelius
  • Arranging
  • Historical awareness
  • Getting your music performed

All prices are on application.
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